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Documentary Overview

Running time: 90 minutes

Languages: English and English (with French subtitles)
Format: HD
Writer/Director/Producer: Angel Rich
Producer: Michael Hubbard
Sound: Bruce Wulach
Editing: Rashad Scroggins


Black tech star Angel Rich (named Next Steve Jobs by Forbes) leads the fictitious Silicon Valley venture capitalist John Smith on a documentary journey to discover why he should invest in Black tech companies. Leveraging the powerful, unique stories of other Black tech stars, Rich enters Smith into the hidden, Hollywood-like world of Black tech, showcasing world-changing innovations, highlighting biased disparities and celebrating culturally fashioned victories throughout America and the African Diaspora. Rich makes the case that Black tech entrepreneurs, innovations, and companies are not only as worthy of funding but tend to outperform others.

MENTAL WEALTH - 27 Laws of Rich 

Angel Rich's Upcoming Book Release!

This book exposes wealth secrets of mental confidence and financial empowerment to guide readers on a healthy exploration of their perspectives, attitudes, and behaviors to improve their financial status.

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Written By: Angel Rich

Forward By: Dr. Maya Rockeymoore

In History of the Black Dollar, Rich reveals significant economic moments in history that have helped shape America— slavery, sharecropping, convict leasing, the Little Rock Nine, Black Wall Street, Civil Rights, The Great Recession, Black Lives Matter, and several other milestones. The book highlights important figures—some renowned, and some lesser-known; that have made these Black, historical moments possible through their personal, diligent efforts. The History of the Black Dollar aims to help older generations remember, while enlightening younger generations on the progression of America; and how the support of Black Americans has directly correlated for over centuries—including present-day rising Black entrepreneurs.

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