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In History of the Black Dollar, Rich reveals significant economic moments in history that have helped shape America— slavery, sharecropping, convict leasing, the Little Rock Nine, Black Wall Street, Civil Rights, The Great Recession, Black Lives Matter, and several other milestones. The book highlights important figures—some renowned, and some lesser known; that have made these Black, historical moments possible through their personal, diligent efforts. The History of the Black Dollar aims to help older generations remember, while enlightening younger generations on the progression of America; and how the support of Black Americans has directly correlated for over centuries—including present day rising Black entrepreneurs. Inspiring and uplifting, this book serves as a motivating force towards continual economic social justice. African Americans have always worked hard for their dollars but their dollars have not always worked for them. I am proud of the knowledge and awareness that Angel Rich seeks to bring to African Americans through her seminal History of the Black Dollar. By uplifting African American stories as they relate to money and wealth, she is enlightening and inspiring a new generation of economic social justice warriors to take the helm in the fight to build a truly inclusive economy. — Dr. Maya Rockeymoore, CEO, Center for Global Policy Solutions

History of the Black Dollar (Signed by the Author)

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